How Does a Ducted System Work?
Unlike a wall mounted heat pump a ducted system is able to heat or cool several rooms.  Ducted systems are packed with features to make heating and cooling your home a whole lot easier. Along with an excellent energy rating and efficiency, ducted systems include a number of modern features such as weekly timers, temperature set-back timer, auto-changeover and group control. 

Is it possible to have a ducted system that is hidden behind the walls / ceiling?
The indoor unit is completely inconspicuous, usually hidden within the ceiling. Cool or warm air is circulated into each room via ducting positioned in the floor or ceiling through small vents.

What about the outdoor unit?
The outdoor unit is installed outside your home and connected to the indoor unit using insulated copper piping.  We will ensure this is placed in the best possible place to reduce noise, possible tampering and access for cleaning

How is the air circulated in the ducted system?
Ceiling outlets are installed throughout your home to quietly and efficiently distribute the warm or cool air. Inside the return air grille is a washable filter that filters air passing through it, removing dust and dirt particles - especially important for airborne allergens. 

I only have a small ceiling space, can I still get a ducted system installed?
Yes for smaller ceiling spaces we recommend the Slim-line ducted unit.  These are ideal because of their compact 270mm height.

I don't have any ceiling space, how can I get a ducted system installed?
Yes, we have a unit designed for single rooms where the ceiling space does not allow for a traditional ducted system.  Bulkhead Ducted Units are compact in design and can be installed into the cavity of your ceiling, at floor level or in a wall bulkhead in your room.

How do I control the temperature?
It is easy to set the desired temperature and control your climate.  Simply choose energy saving mode or set the timer using the remote control to your desired level.

Do you only have hand held remotes?
Not any more!  In most ducted system installations we will install a wall-mounted controller to provide you with state-of-the-art control and ease of use. An easy-to-read LCD panel, with icon display, and daily or weekly timers mean you can set the perfect temperature in your home every time you need it.

I heard about a Temperature Remote Sensor - do you have these?
Yes, an optional thermo sensor can be fitted to detect temperature at a different location to that of the sensor located at the indoor unit.

How does the ducted system know when to turn on and off?
The Room Temperature Sensor constantly monitors the room temperature, switching the unit on or off to achieve the exact temperature you've selected. And you can preset different temperatures for day or night.

How much does it cost to install a ducted system?
It's surprisingly affordable! To find out more about installing a ducted heating system in your home, call New Zealand Heat Pumps today.


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